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Delaware St. John Episode 1 & 2 Review
The puzzles themselves range between the painfully crammed in and the numbingly tedious. Number puzzles involving code words and positional co-ordinates on the keypad feel like coffee break mind teasers that you'd find in the back of an intellectual newspaper. Their inclusion is clumsy and unwelcome, but they are at least challenging compared to the fetch and carry objectives.
Read the full article, Delaware St. John Episode 1 & 2 Review. By Duncan Lawson on 04-Apr-07
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04 April 2007 22:09
I don't do adventure games as a rule, in this case that's maybe a blessing.

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05 April 2007 00:26
Certainly seems the genre's died a death since the heady days of classics like Day of The Tentacle, Monkey Island and Fate of Atlantis - all games I used to love.

Discworld: Noir was the last point-and-click I bought and I was too bored to go any further than the first few screens.

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05 April 2007 00:29
pro: short


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05 April 2007 01:12
There have been some very good point and click games this year, including the relativly unknown Tunguska.

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06 April 2007 23:43
Secret Files: Tunguska is a gem if you like the genre

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16 April 2007 00:39
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