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Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike Review
All three maps are beautifully constructed, the best looking three maps in the game by far in my opinion and don't run slowly at all. From a personal point of view though, they are all too big and suit vehicles much more than infantry combat, although the there are plenty of places to hide and set up ambushes.
Read the full article, Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike Review. By Craig Dudley on 18-Mar-07
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18 March 2007 12:32
Nice review, personally i preferred the special forces type exansion this is too little to be o full game mode and there are no "lines" just assault. id rather of paid a tenner for twice as much.
I think this pack will be good as it is actually playable in a war and bleeds are back which was always missed feature on 2142 vanilla.

Ive always wondered why people expect 2142 to be an infantry game, It has infantry but it a total war game like planetside or UT onslaught, this game is getting killed slowly as every server is now only gibraltar, tunis and cerebere or NS.

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18 March 2007 14:12
People play what they prefer. I don't like infantry only, but prefer tighter maps where infantry have more cover

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18 March 2007 16:54
I'll have to give it ago when i get some cash, this moving hose buissness cost an arm and a leg

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27 March 2007 11:55
good review big lad but i think ill give it a miss, like you i prefer the tight city maps

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29 March 2007 09:07
Not played it much, but from what I've seen I think the maps have got a nice balance - they're set-up so theres big open channels split up by tight close-in areas, so if you don't wanna fight vehicles you can pretty much avoid em. They're nothing like the really open Titan maps.

Definately worth a crack for 6 squid I'd say.

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