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Dark Messiah Single Player Preview
I really can't remember the last time I had so much fun fighting a computer, and credit must be given to Dark Messiah for producing such memorable foes. Goblins for example, will rush you in numbers, whooping with delight and crying 'aim for its legs' as they attempt to overwhelm you. A few well placed sword strokes will send them running though - literally. It's not uncommon to obliterate a room full of enemies, only to find a goblin cowering in the corner with his hands over his head. Upon approaching, don't be surprised if it tries to bargain for its life.
Read the full article, Dark Messiah Single Player Preview. By James Barlow on 23-Sep-06
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Posts: 6957
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23 September 2006 02:37
Can't wait for this tbh, demo was cool, really different.

Posts: 2696
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23 September 2006 04:23
Awesome little preview I have played the demo so many times,even with that small bit of level there are so many ways to do everything. Defo on my must have list.

Posts: 2826
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23 September 2006 11:17
Wow Mani liking a fantasy style game ? Things are changing for the worst ! I liked the demo of this too and thanks to Craig I've played quite a bit of the online multiplayer side of it too. I can't wait for this either

Posts: 55
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23 September 2006 19:51
What did the inventory system look like? Is it limmited (say only two weapons at a time like Severance) or more the sprawling micromanagment (Oblivion) ?

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24 September 2006 21:20
There's about 20 spaces in your inventory then yopu drag and drop 9 weapons/items onto a quickbar

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